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MOONSTROKE II, Alien Territory
The isolation of Moon base Daedalus has ended after twelve years, and Katlin has left for college on Earth. Her home planet is not the dream that evolved from her childhood memories, though, and when news arrives that the base's liberator, Namazi, has been apprehended, she sets off with her only friend, Beau, to save him. Earth has turned its eyes on Daedalus's vast platinum store, however, and powerful forces are maneuvering to grasp the helpless prey, with Namazi playing a key, if unwilling, role. As Katlin and Beau are swept up into the violent storm, Van and the rest of the base's nexgens are finding that lunar life on their own is fraught with its own perils. 


Darren's cousin was never the sharpest pencil in the box, and when an attempt to get his home video on television by faking a fall from a high dive misfired, the pencil was reduced to a stub. After a ship-wrecked alien takes up residence in his cousin's vacant head, Darren finds himself dragged off to NASA for help, only to be accused of orchestrating an alien invasion. Fleeing for their lives, he and his alien zombie cousin must search out and stop the true invasion massing to overrun the Earth. The question is whether Darren can resist strangling his companion before everything we know is obliterated. 



Divorced, broke, and jobless, Caleb believes he's found a reprieve from a life on the streets when he answers an ad calling for volunteers in an extended university study. Along with a dozen others, he trades his clothes for a simple uniform and boards a bus for an undisclosed destination. As the driver takes them higher and higher into the remote California mountains, the hapless volunteers debate what exactly they've signed up for. Just before their phones are confiscated, they find a paper published by the study's sponsor professor, predicting the effects on groups when confronted with dire dangers. As Caleb watches miles of wilderness glide past, he wonders if he should have settled for a life under a city overpass. 



It's been twelve years since a massive solar flare destroyed communications with the American base on the far side of the Moon, killing the platinum mining workers and leaving just three adults to raise thirty-seven orphans. Isolated, the base has carried on, and the orphans-now teenagers-have taken up the mining. It's all they've ever known. But now enigmatic lights on the horizon and in the sky mark the arrival of someone-or something-that heralds an end to a patterned life of restraint and enforced duty. Katlin, the daughter of the base leader, has enjoyed the full education afforded by the base library, and finds her loyalties torn between her father and Van, the capable young leader who is ready to break the yoke of servitude and face the wonders available in the wide universe. 

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If you think that electricity is some kind of juice that burns in your lamp like a candle, or if you worry about violating Ohm’s law, then this book is for you.  On the other hand, if you know that a complete circuit is required for current to flow, but wonder whether higher voltage or higher current will kill you first, then this book is also for you.  Even if you understand how electricity animates your vacuum cleaner, but are a little hazy about when to use rechargeable versus alkaline batteries, or how a computer executes instructions, then this book is for you as well.  In fact, unless you are heading off to an isolated tropical island to shed modern civilization and live off of fish and coconuts, this book is for you. 

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Coming back to your hometown is always difficult, but for Bruce Weiss, it’s murder.  Citizens are dying in bizarre accidents as undercover agents descend to probe the whereabouts of a reported meteor and rumors of killer bees. Bruce isn’t sure whether he’s lucky or imperiled when he’s pressed into service to help a capable and attractive agent of uncertain motives.  As the townspeople of Powderhole start dropping like flies, Bruce must forge an alliance with the sexy stranger, and take sides against old friends, just to stay alive.

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Seeking refuge from his hard life on the road, Kiel believes that he's found it on the Bakke farmstead, but if comfort and safety was his aim, he'd be much better off giving himself up to the police!  For the bucolic, innocent-looking farm harbors a hive of tiny enigmatic creatures with a fondness for cooperation, and the colony has decided that people are not only a threat—but need to be eliminated.

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Risking everything to rouse his beautiful young fiancée from an inexplicable coma, Jordan launches an expedition into the paranormal world of spirits and wraiths.  As they did down through the ages when they were living, powerful men compete to rule the nether world.  Jordan is a pawn, but with a role larger than he can see as he struggles to complete his mission and return to the land of the living, something no spirit has ever before achieved.

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